Caribul srl has been busy for more than 40 years with technological antivibration solutions to reduce both active and passive vibrations and shocks, offering different materials and shapes.

Certified company Uni En Iso 9001:2015


Caribul srl was born in Milan in1978 from the idea of its founder and current president Mr. Alberto Cargnelutti, after the work experience in the area of planning and construction of antivibration mounts. At first the business establishes itself in the isolation of vibrations in the industrial area and in the area of ventilation/ air-conditioning, the CK and AB series are the most needed for their uniqueness: to guarantee a mechanical and adjustable damping so that the client can "personalize" the performance of its own machine.

The company moved to Cornaredo (MI) in 1984, and afterwards it moved to Caselle Lurani (LO) in 1987, always continuing the research of new products and the study to face problems of different areas; new technologies used for naval and energetic applications were born: between them the ANG-CX, elements with characteristics which are suitable for the placement of devices on ships and on self-propelled means.

Because of the need to expand the company, in 1998 Caribul srl moved to Castiraga Vidardo (LO), where it starts the production of the SM series, special rubber mounts, certified with test’s rules MIL-S-901D (NAVY) and MIL-STD-167-1 in 2010 in CENTRO DI SUPPORTO E SPERIMENTAZIONE NAVALE - LA SPEZIA, and the ACX series, fully metallic wire rope mounts, which allow the company to establish itself in the military area.

Caribul specializes itself in finite element analysis (F.E.M.) for the study of the damped system, subject to shocks.

Moreover, one more detailed analysis is dedicated to the seismic theme, of current relevance, for the protection of the functionality of non-structural elements of buildings.